Saturday, December 19, 2009

Teenage Drug Abuse

Teenage Drug Abuse is on the Rise
Executive summary about teenage drug abuse by Court Tuttle

Unfortunately, teenage drug abuse is on the rise and more teens than ever are becoming addicted. Marijuana is a growing problem, but even more disturbing is prescription drug and crack/cocaine abuse.
substance abuse

If you are a parent who has discovered your teenager has been using drugs it is important you know that options are available. Boarding schools sound harsh, but they are actually a good alternative for teenagers hooked on drugs. Bad influences need to be removed from their life first and foremost, recent studies have shown the biggest factor in a drug users recovery depends on the people around them. The sooner a teenager gets off drugs, the better.
There are a number of specialized programs that combine many different activities for teenagers that abuse drugs. A full service center that provides education, non drug related recreational activities, and therapy sessions are typical of many programs.

Teenager Drug Abuse - Depressants
Executive summary about teenage drug abuse by Court Tuttle

What are depressants? Not all depressants are illegal; there are also legal depressants prescribed by doctors to patients who are in need of medications that relieve stress, subdue anxiety and induce sleep. One popular legal type that doesn't need a doctor's prescription is alcohol. Alcohol only becomes an "illegal" substance when it is purchased and drank by minors.

Alcohol is a class of molecules that includes propyl alcohol, ethanol, methanol, and others. Ethanol is the type that is safe for people to drink; the other types of alcohol are toxic if consumed. Alcohol is considered to be a healthy tension reducer if taken in moderation.

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