Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Child Abuse

Child Abuse Facts

by Imas Kurnia Laela Dewi

Child abuse facts in The US, according to the US Health Department & Human Services 2007 – Child Maltreatment Report:

• There are 1760 children were killed at the hands of their abusers.
• More than 800.000 children are victims of neglect and child molesters.
• Approximately 75% of the children who died were under the age of four years.
Child abuse committed by parents, more than 80%
• Found the number of child abuse, there times more prevalent than all cancers of childhood combined.

Child abuse facts in Colorado, according to the 2008 statistics from the Colorado Department of Human Services:

Child abuse law
• Fond 32 children died of neglect or child abuse
• About 40.000 children investigated for neglect or child abuse.
• Approximately 1.304 children were confirmed victims of neglect or child abuse in Denver County alone.
• More than 10.698 children were confirmed victims of neglect or child abuse.
The facts are very frightening. We must protect our children from these horrible things. To help you understand, here the major types of Neglect and Child Abuse:
Included into this category are all kinds of kicking, hitting, punching, or hitting with objects - anything that causes physical pain. This abuse type can seriously injure and even kill children.
• Emotional Abuse
Included threats, rejection, constant criticism, as well as withholding support, love, and guidance. When other forms are identified, emotional abuse is always present.
• Neglect
Included into this category are:

  • Physical namely the lack of appropriate supervision or failure to provide food or protection is needed.
  • Education, failure in educating a child or meet the need for special education.
  • Emotional the failure to provide psychological care, or allow children to use other drugs or alcohol, or lack of attention to the emotional needs of children.
  • Medicine is a failure to provide health care or medical purposes.
  • Sexual Abuse
Included penetration, fondling a child’s genitals, rape, incest, sodomy, exploitation through prostitution or the production of pornographic materials, and indecent exposure.

Report your suspicions may protect the child and get help for the family, if you suspect a child is harmed. Contact the local child protective services agency or police immediately.
It is our job to prevent acts of violence on children so that no more victims are falling.
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