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Child Abuse Articles

Some Thoughts on Child Abuse
Child abuse articles. Child abuse is a topic I've discussed in previous postings. The child abuse articles I have ever discussed are: child abuse statistics, physical child abuse, child abuse facts and the department of child support services. Child abuse has my complete review there.
reporting child abuse
In this post I will discuss about some thoughts on child abuse

Some Thoughts on Child Abuse 
Executive summary about child abuse articles by Pauline Fredrickson
Newsflash - a six year old boy took a large kitchen knife to school and menaced another child. Fortunately the teacher observed the incident and removed the knife from the child's possession.
No notification was sent to the threatened child's parents - had the child himself not told them they would never have known. In my opinion both those boys needed help. The other child needs help to learn how to deal with his feelings and emotions without hurting others.
In days gone by children were innocent little people who played and learned without a care in the world. Parents protected them from physical harm and from the stress factors which belong in an adult life. In this world children lived with an innate trust that their parents loved them and would do nothing to harm them nor would they allow harm to come to them.
How can parents harm or permit harm to come to their offspring? How have we as a society failed these children?
We can no longer offer a child stability within the home. Children are frequently made party to a messy family split forced to hear how the other party has injured us. While parents move from relationship to relationship seeking to meet their own very basic need to feel loved and valued, they have no time to see that their children have the same needs.
I watched my children deal with the heartbreak of their father leaving. It seems to me that when we enter into a relationship and bring children into the world we need to consider their needs.
Children are a miniature part of us, usually born from a loving relationship. Will there be other children coming into the family?
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