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Child Custody Rights

Child Custody Rights in a Custody Dispute
Executive summary about child custody rights by Abigail Vernon
Child custody disputes happen in many cases--even when the parents try to work together. Because child custody is such en emotional situation, it can be difficult not to feel like your custody rights are getting trampled. Here are some of the custody rights you should know that can help you in a custody dispute.
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1. Both parents have the right to see and be with the child. Courts tend to favor joint custody arrangements, so the more equal time the parents have, the better.

2. The child's rights come first. Parents sometimes focus on their custody rights and forget that they are really coming up with a plan for raising their child. In custody issues, the child always comes first. If more parents made this the focus, there would be less disputes about custody.
3. You have the right to make your custody agreement a legal document. Sometime parents have disputes over the parenting plan because they are constantly making changes and they haven't gone to court to get a custody order. You and your children have custody rights to protect you and make sure you get a fair custody agreement.

Child Custody Rights - Custody Guidelines to Follow
Every state has its own laws concerning child custody, so parents need to research their local laws.
1. Custody arrangements should be in the child's best interest. This is the first and foremost child custody guideline that impacts a parent's custody rights. Everything should be centered on helping the child.
2. Both parents have the right to raise the child. Each parent has an equal right to raise the child.
3. Both parents have the right to provide for their child. Parents are financially obligated to provide for the children. If parents remember these custody guidelines, they will be on track to know their true child custody rights.
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