Monday, December 7, 2009

Physical child abuse

Physical child abuse can seriously injure or kill a child
Executive summary about Physical Child Abuse by Paul Ingersole
Child abuse that involves any type of hitting, kicking, punching, or beating with an object – anything that inflicts pain is considered physical child abuse. Physical child abuse is never acceptable; it reflects an out of control person who uses pain and scare tactics rather than reason in handling dealings with a child.
domestic abuse
Physical child abuse can seriously injure or kill a child. Parenting classes and anger management classes are available in almost every community. Physical child abuse is based on control over that child. Children of physical abuse are often afraid. If there are several children being abused, the older children often instigate the beatings towards them to protect the younger children.
This type of abuse can lead a child into a life time of such abuse. We can all help prevent physical child abuse by reporting any suspicions we have immediately. Children need to know that they have options and trusted adults to turn to if they are the victim of physical child abuse.

Child Abuse - Preventing Physical Abuse
Executive summary about physical child abuse by Vinesh Chandrakant Panditpotra
The effects of Physical abuse are all too well known so in this article, I will discuss methods to prevent physical abuse.
Method 1: Advertisement of Government based services dedicated to punishing abusers. We all know that these services exist however they are rarely advertised to mainstream audience and lack 'decisive moment'.
Method 2: Your help! One word for you: Internet! There are already several websites dedicated to a similar cause but it would need plenty more volunteers to achieve a desirable effect where an abuser would be petrified before hurting a kid
Method 3: School check-up of damage. I believe unlike verbal, emotional and psychological abuse which have no visible marks or effects. Considering the statistics relating to physical abuse, it would not be a 'weird' move to grant the school official authority in preventing child abuse.
Find more information about child abuse statistics.


AADEW BLOG said...

Great post. I totaly agree with you to immediately make a reporting for any suspicion of physical child abuse.

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I wish this child abuse can be stop...good post!

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