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Infant Diarrhea

Infants With Dairy Allergies - How to Identify and Treat the Problem
Executive summary about infant diarrhea by Kathleen Reale

It can be frustrating for parents and potentially life-threatening for infants.
Dairy allergies in infants are most commonly caused by cow's milk.

baby diarrhea
How to Tell if Your Infant Suffers from Dairy Allergies

An infant who suffers from dairy allergies can be in a lot of pain. Respiratory Problems: Asthma and/or breathing difficulty are common.

Gastrointestinal Symptoms: Diarrhea, vomiting, bloating and sometimes a bloody stool are outward signs. If your child cries a lot, he or she may be experiencing stomach pains as well.

How to Rule Out Normal Infant Problems and Rule in Dairy Allergies

Pay attention to recurring symptoms like the ones listed above, particularly if they occur regularly after feedings.
Most parents become attuned to their children cries. There is the "I'm wet and want to be changed cry;" the "I don't want to go to sleep cry," and the "I'm in pain cry."
Treatment For Diarrhea
Executive summary about infant diarrhea by Ryan English

Diarrhea is the loosening or the watery state of the stool, which occurs due to dehydration or improper diet. The common symptoms during diarrhea is the loosening of the stool at frequent intervals, pain, irritation in the lower abdomen, vomiting and loss of appetite.

The best cure for diarrhea is drinking loads of water. Even after diarrhea is cured do not eat fatty and junk food for at least three to four days. During diarrhea do not consume alcohol because it will intensify the situation in your intestine and can lead to serious conditions.

Children feel very weak during diarrhea therefore the only treatment for diarrhea is to take proper sleep and rest along with a well planned diet. Do not go over board in checking your diet just avoid the junk and fatty food.

Bacteria, fungus and other virus that enters our system through the food we eat are the causes of diarrhea. Check your diet and follow the homely treatment to cure diarrhea.
The points mentioned above are the best treatment for diarrhea. If you take the precautions you just read you can put a check on diarrhea.

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