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Single Parent Adoption

Single Parent Adoption
Executive summary about single parent adoption by Joseph Devine

Adopting a child can be a wonderful way to start a family. While straight married couples have traditionally been the ones that adopt children, that trend is changing.

Adoption and Texas Law
adoptive families

In the state of Texas, any adult over the age of 18 may apply for adoption. While there are some restrictions depending on the agency, a prospective parent may be of any age, race, religion, ethnicity, economic background, or social background.

Qualifying for Adoption

When considering an adoptive family for a child, the agency's and court's main concern is acting in the child's best interests. Since a single parent is the sole caregiver for a child, the agency or court will also likely consider the person's health and age as a major factor in the adoption application.

How an Attorney Can Help

Applying for adoption is an exciting time for any prospective parent, and it can be easy to feel frustrated or anxious with the complex application process. Especially for a single parent, taking on the adoption process alone can be a burden.

I’m Single, Can I Still Adopt ?

Executive summary about single parent adoption by Tracy Riley

Martial status is not necessarily a barrier to adopting, although many agencies, attorneys, and/or international countries still consider a married couple as the ideal adopters.

Many reasons exist for unmarried men and women to choose adoption. These include:

-They have never married and have no intention of getting married.
-They might like to get married at some point, but are not currently in a relationship.
-They may be gay or lesbian and know that legal marriage isn't an option.
-They want to be a parent more than they want to be married.

Many people like to make arguments against single parent adoption.

Argument: A child needs to have two parents so that one can fill in for the other in case of illness or out of town trips for work. 
Answer: Yes, raising children can require juggling of schedules at times.

Argument: A child will be orphaned if the single parent dies. 
Answer: Most social workers will address this in the home study process for anyone who is applying to adopt.

Argument: A child needs to be raised by both sexes.
Answer: It can be a family friend, scout leader, or church member.

Argument: A single adopter will always be working and the child will be left home alone.
Answer: We discussed the plan for her current child and detailed an alternative plan to include her future child.

Helpful Suggestions for the Single Adopter:
-Start your research early.
-Part of your research will include finding an agency, attorney, or international country that will allow and approve single adopters.
-Join an adoption support group in your area.
- Everyone experiences barriers at some point in the process.

With proper planning, patience, and perseverance, you can succeed.

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