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Depressed Teens

Depressed Teens Reviews
Executive summary about depressed teens by Gayle Jacobson

Research is showing that depressed teens are more likely to suffer with mental health problems as adults. Of course more research is needed to determine if teenage depression actually contributes to more serious problems later in life. If you think that you may be a depressed teens, you are definitely not alone. If you think that you may be the parent of a child who is a depressed teens there are some common problems and symptoms they may be experiencing. Depressed teens often fell that things are hopeless. Find someone to talk to. If you feel out of control make sure that you stay with someone who will help if you need it.

It's not your fault you a depressed teens. Talk often to someone whom you trust. The stresses of school work can take a lot out of a depressed teens. If you are feeling overwhelmed about your school work find a teacher or a counselor you can confide in if you can't talk to your parents.

Depressed Teens – Make an Alert!
Executive summary about depressed teens by Smitrij Perstrik

Every fifth teenager experiences depressive moods and feelings, but clinically depression in adolescents is often not diagnosed. Depression becomes an universal disease that hits people of all ages, sexes and social status.
Depressed teens are an alarming issue and the depressing statistics demonstrates the importance of the problem that needs be address immediately.
  • Seasonal depression hits only few adolescents, while 5% of teens suffer from major depression.
  • Depression tends to run in families so inheritance is considered to be a significant risk factor.
  • Substance abuse can hit up to the third part of teens suffering from depressions.
  • For the overwhelming majority of suicidal teens depression or another psychological disorder precedes and plays a primary role.
  • Bipolar disorder being more serious mental disease then depression is often developing with teenagers suffering from untreated depression.
Depressed teens can be occasional or persistent. Occasional teen depression outbreaks need attention and assistance of those with front-line contact to a teen to prevent the unlucky development.

Teen depression symptoms
Observe your adolescent to catch the depressions signs in time! If several of those symptoms are present make an alert!
  • Chronically depressed mood occurring for most of the day, more days than not.
  • This may be shown as irritability rather than depression
  • Poor appetite or overeating.
  • Insomnia or hypersomnia.
  • Low energy or fatigue.
  • Low self-esteem.
  • Poor concentration or difficulty making decisions.
  • Feelings of hopelessness.
  • Low interest and decreasing social contacts.
  • Self-criticism, with the self-concepts of being uninteresting, incapable, or ineffective.
Different type of substance abuse can become accompanying problems for a teen suffering of depressions. Many youngsters that face bouts of depression prone to hide the signs from the the close environment, both parents, friends and teachers. Mental health professionals advise parents and teachers to be aware of signs of depression in their children as an important part of parenting a teen.
As it was mentioned inheritance of depression is a serious risk factor, but also social rejection, death, loss of relationship, loss of hopes and dreams, abandonment, traumatic event or failing grades for a teen also lead to outburst of anxieties, that develops to depressions.
Whatever is selected - psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, or interpersonal therapy - the right method normally gives the expected results. Self-help books can be an assistive method to support the teen depression treatment.
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