Thursday, April 7, 2011

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Series on In-Home Therapy and Special Needs

One of the questions I'm asked most often is about special needs. What are the red flags, what are good resources, what are treatment options? The quick answer is: special needs could be (and often is) an entire blog or website on its own! Truly, though, special needs is a topic that Avant Garde Parenting should cover, so guess what? I’m bringing in the experts! 

I couldn’t be more excited to announce a new collaboration with KidsCare Therapy. KidsCare are the home health experts in Dallas/Fort Worth- they provide in-home speech, physical, and occupational therapy to children with all sorts of needs. They’ve so kindly agreed to partner with Avant Garde Parenting to bring you top notch information regarding:

  • Common and not-so-common conditions
  • Benefits of in-home therapy
  • State of the art treatment options
  • Developmental milestones for young children
  • Common warning signs to be aware of
  • Success stories from real parents and children with special needs

So, in addition to the great posts about parenting and child development that you’re used to on Avant Garde Parenting, over the next three months you’ll also get to read about how three types of therapy- occupational, speech, and physical- enrich the lives of children every day. 

Get excited Avant Garde Parenting readers- and get ready for some great information!


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