Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Parent of the Week: Mama Bear

Today we honor the mother we all try to be. The mother who has the perfect lesson for every situation. The mother whose hat always matches her dress (and who always finds time to put on a neatly pressed dress!). The mother who, despite the stress of raising a family of bears, never seems to age a day. I think it's the fur.

Today we honor Mama Bear Berenstain, wearer of blue (and she does wear it well, doesn't she?!).

Mama Bear is the wife of Papa Bear and mom to Brother Bear, Sister Bear, and Honey Bear. But she's so much more than that! She's the moral compass of the family, encouraging her children to count their blessings when they become too fixated on how many Bearbie Dolls and video games they have. 

Mama Bear is involved in the community, too! She's the president of the Bear Country Garden Club and champion quilter. In fact, she's even turned her quilting hobby into a business- can you say super-bear-mom?!

Since 1974, The Berenstain Bears have inspired families to be respectful, honorable, and good citizens- in large part thanks to Mama Bear. Now doesn't that just make you want to give her a great big bear hug?


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