Monday, September 20, 2010

Avant Garde Parent of the Week: Megan

Megan with Baby P

This is Megan. Megan is a brand new mommy to a sweet little monkey with bright red hair, just like her! Can I just tell you that Megan’s entire labor lasted something like 3.5 hours?! I know, I know, we should hate her. But you can’t because she’s super nice, thoughtful, and funny.

She’s a working mommy but somehow still finds the time and energy to take baby P to swim lessons, story time, grammy & grumps’ house, AND love on her hubby and three dogs. Oh, did I mention that she also blogs?! Megan is my mommy idol. Read on as she talks about how music plays a role in her and baby P’s life. J

"His life is like one big musical," my husband observed after leaving swim class with our 11 week-old son Parker. I would love to say that after 11 weeks we have it all figured out and proceed to tell you the ins and outs of parenthood, but unfortunately I am 100% novice and pretty much flying by the seat of my pants most days...if I can remember to actually put on pants!

One thing, however, that I have observed over these 11 short weeks is how beneficial music can be. We are now at the smiling stage, which I believe solidifies your role as a mother. In that single moment, you are rewarded for all the sleepless nights and crying spells (both by mom and baby) and all of the other challenges that come with being a new parent. Well, my son gets especially smiley when I turn on my iPod (which has now gone from Rhianna to songs about the ABCs) and sing to him- I get a whole different type of interaction. He stares me down, watches my mouth, and eventually breaks into a HUGE smile followed by what I assume is an early attempt at a giggle. These interactions are priceless! I believe this is not only a way to teach him to appreciate music, but also another fun way for him to learn sounds, which will eventually lead to talking.

Swim time!
Our family participates in both a baby swim class and library story time- which center around learning different skills but both encompass music. Each activity comes with a song. Whether it is short or long, silly or informative, when you put it to the tune of "All around the Mulberry Bush" or "Mary had a little lamb", even the simplest of tasks become fun and exciting! Much like AGP discussed about finding ways to make cleaning fun, why not include a song?! If you don't know one off-hand, make one up! The same goes for eating vegetables, scrubbing during bath time, or even during play time! Why not?! Your child doesn't care whether you have a good voice or even if you are on pitch, they just enjoy hearing your voice and acting silly with mommy and/or daddy.

Try it next time you are making dinner with your little one or putting PJs on at bedtime, you never know, it may stick and become a lasting memory for you and your child!

If you would like to be featured as an Avant Garde Parent of the Week or have someone you would like to nominate, please email me at deluna.jamie@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you!


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