Monday, September 13, 2010

Avant Garde Parent of the Week: Bobbie

This week I’m featuring Bobbie of A Vision to Remember. Bobbie is the SAHM to two girls, ages 4 and 1. Not only is she super crafty and can make anything from rugs to clothes for her girls, but she also makes home-cooked meals for her family every night! Read on as Bobbie shares one of her favorite, fun, homemade recipes.

Jamie asked me the other day to write to you all about why I am the parent of the week.  I have many shorts as a parent but something that I don't fail at is feeding my children home-cooked healthy and loving meals.

I have always encouraged my daughters to eat their fruits and veggies.  They both love to eat many of the foods that I give them, but there are still some that they are not fans of like, cauliflower or squash.  So when I have either one of those veggies in the fridge, do I throw them out in the trash or try and pawn them off on an unsuspecting neighbor or family member?  Nope, not on your life!  I sneak them into a delicious recipe and my kids don't even bat an eye!

The other day I made a potato chicken soup (both of which my girls love), but I still had that cauliflower and squash whining to be eaten before the mold took over.  So with my daughter’s permission, I pureed them and mixed them in with the soup in the crockpot. How did I talk my 4 year old into adding cauliflower and squash into her beloved soup, you ask?  I told her she would not even taste it and I let her blend them all up.  My 4 year old has a really believing heart, plus she loves to help me in any way possible.

The verdict: they both ate the soup with not one complaint! Next time you are cooking, consider adding a few more nutrients to your every day meals.

Now in the spirit of homemade family goodness, I want to share one of our family favorites. I love ice cream and so do my girls. I like to believe that eating homemade ice cream is much more healthy than the store bought kind, so here’s a great recipe:

Homemade Ice Cream
1 cup whole milk
2 cups heavy whipping cream
3/4 cup sugar
1 tsp vanilla
desired flavoring

Mix all ingredients together.  Then put into your ice cream maker.  We have this ice cream maker.  It works really great and is super simple.

For the flavoring I like to add between 1 and 2 cups of crushed berries or other fruit.  If I do candy bars or something with lots of sugar then I cut the sugar that I add in half.

Making our meals together with my girls helps them to eat nutritiously, helps me to build a strong relationship with them, and teaches them how to cook.  So far my 4 year old can make a mean bowl of microwaved Ramen Noodles, so I must be doing something right!

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