Tuesday, September 28, 2010

AGP got another award!! Can we go to to CiCi's now?

****SIDE NOTE****I have something VERY SPECIAL to announce this Thursday (and no, I'm not pregnant). Be sure to tune in this Thursday because you will NOT want to miss this!!!

AGP got another blog award! These just always make me sit a little higher in my seat, ya know? They make me feel so gosh-golly good like, ‘Someone is actually reading this?! And they like it?!” Ha! I just chortled a little.

The 'Versatile Blogger' award came from Kimberly over at The Stinker Pinkers. If you haven’t read her blog yet you should. Can I just say for a second how real she is? She has this great way of giving her opinion without being judgy and she opens topics up into great conversations via her comments. Sigh. I love this gal.

To accept the award I’m supposed to tell you 7 things about myself. Here goes.

  1. I never forget a name.
  2. I hate how high my voice is. But I guess it's better than having a really super low voice.
  3. I can still beat you (and most kids) in a handstand contest.
  4. I have four best friends and they all have bright red hair.
  5. I haven’t had caffeine in almost 15 years.
  6. My husband and I have the same first, middle, and last initials.
  7. Speaking of my husband, here’s my happy place: one night a few years ago we were watching So You Think You Can Dance. He never really says anything about any of the dances but that night, for the first time, he saw a Doriana Sanchez Disco routine. He looked at me, nodding his head slowly and said (completely serious) “I’m really feelin’ this one.” To this day, when he hears the disco music coming from the tv, I see his head pop into the room: “Whatcha wachin’?” That’s my happy place.
So that’s me in a nutshell. But you know I have to tie it to parenting, right?! Here’s a fun idea to build your child’s self confidence and self-concept: make a ‘me’ book. It’s easy. Take several pages of printer paper and fold them in half while still stacked together. Then staple on the side you just folded so that you have a ‘book.’ Inside the book, help your child make each page something about him or her. For example, favorite color, favorite toy, name, hair color, eye color, etc. Your child can draw pictures inside or you can take and develop photos to include in the book. I guarantee this will be a book your child will want to read over and over!

Now, on to whom I’m passing the award on to. In order to accept the award you must:
1.    Thank the blogger who gave it to you (me) and link back to their site
2.    Tell 7 things about yourself
3.    Pass it on to other ‘versatile’ bloggers!

  1. Holly at I Heart Bowheads – Don’t you just love that blog name?! Holly is a fellow DFW blogger who makes me smile, chuckle, and sometimes full out snort laugh.
  2. Sue at Mommy’s Pen – I knew I loved this blog when I read that her preschooler goes to a Waldorf school (do you know what that is? If not, check out her blog. If so, check out her blog). Sue has great, to the point posts that make me think and smile.
  3. Cristy at Is there a Doctor in the House?– Umm she has a cute baby. Need I say more? But really, this blog is just a good ‘life’ blog that truly is versatile. I love checking in everyday to see what new topic Cristy has written about. 


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