Monday, September 27, 2010

Avant Garde Parent of the Week: Lori

Lori with her Mother's Day roses
This is Lori from Lori's LOLz. Lori is Amazing. See Lori Go. Go Lori Go!

No, really. Lori is the supermom to three kids (who are stunningly gorgeous, don't you think?!) If I had to think of one word to describe Lori as a mom it would be 'interactive.' Lori doesn't just raise her kids, she grows and learns with them. Think about how important that is for a second.

Lori gives and gives to her kids and guess what? They give back. Read on as she describes the fabulous Mother's Day they put together for her!

I woke up on Mother’s Day this year to a day that I’ll remember for always.  After my morning shower I found my bed made, the aroma of fresh coffee filing the house, and a beautiful light, healthy breakfast was set.  My 3 children gave me the most wonderful Mother’s Day morning, and it just kept getting better as the day went on. 

Lori's three very thoughtful children
A little before 1 PM my children asked me to get in the car because we were going for a ride.  Ok, I’m thinking, ‘am I wearing an appropriate outfit for where we’re going?’  Half way there my son told me that they all 3 pooled their money and bought me a pedicure at my favorite DaVi Nails in the Wal-Mart Shopping Center.  Am I ungrateful or what?  I asked my son to turn around because I was wearing my sneakers and I needed my sandals or my pedicure would get messed up.  I know, I’m totally ungrateful and also not very appreciative of how aware my children actually are.  My son reached in the back of the car and pulled out my favorite sandals that my little girl very thoughtfully placed there. 

Mother’s Day continued to get even better.  When we got home it was time for presents: a Topsy Turvy tomato planter, a Nook e-reader with a gift card to Barnes and Noble, and 3 beautiful roses, one from each of my children.  Later that evening came an incredible BBQ dinner accompanied by the lit Chimenea and topped off with a fabulously delicious home baked cake. 

The absolute best part of my day was spending lots of time talking and laughing as a family and feeling that unconditional love for what I have been blessed with, my three beautiful, healthy, happy and oh so thoughtful children. 

If you would like to be featured as an Avant Garde Parent of the Week or have someone you would like to nominate, please email me at deluna.jamie@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you!


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