Friday, January 15, 2010

Divorce Rights

Divorce Rights – Know Your Rights When Filing For Divorce
Executive summary about divorce rights by Jon Arnold.

With the divorce rates increasing over the years, it is important that everyone know their divorce rights and what they may be entitled to during the motions.
During your marriage, the couple has undoubtedly gained lots of stuff. A home, one or more cars, furniture, and appliances are just a few of the common items married couples purchase while together.
This is definitely the most debated aspect of divorces today. You are legally obligated to continue providing for your child even if your spouse is the one walking away.
Child Support
Rules regarding child support often vary by state, as some areas terminate the right to support when the child graduates high school or becomes 18, while others require the other parent to continue paying if the child enrolls in college full time. Many states will terminate child support obligations if the primary custodian gets re-married in the meantime.
This is similar to child support, though it involves payments made to the ex spouse to provide for their care rather than that of the children.
Above are the most common divorce rights you may have when filing for divorce.

Take Time to Discover Your Divorce Rights
Emotions run high and the stress of the situation often makes people act differently than they ordinarily would. Too often when people are facing divorce, they are so caught up in the pain and hurt that they don't think clearly. If children are involved, this is even more often the case. When children are involved, knowing your divorce rights is essential.
You will feel more comfortable when making decisions that affect your children if you understand where your legal limitations are and where they are not. Divorce rights are different from state to state. Take the time to research your particular state laws with regard to divorce. Knowledge is power and knowing your legal position when dealing with your soon-to-be ex will come in really handy in difficult situations.
Relatively few divorces are amicable. The law is practical and was created to help people in these very situations. You have divorce rights that will protect you from any attempt your ex may make to treat you less than fairly.
Fortunately, the law is unemotional. Divorce rights are there to protect you.
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