Saturday, January 16, 2010

Teenage Drunk Driving

drunk driving
Teenage Drunk Driving
Executive summary about teenage drunk driving by Tim H
Teenage drunk driving is a serious problem for our nations youth. Combine that with the intense peer pressure that teenagers go through and we have a serious problem called teenage drunk driving.
The problem comes from the amount of teenagers with access to alcohol and/or drugs. By limiting the access that these teenagers have to drugs and/or alcohol we are half way there to controlling this dangerous problem of teenage drunk driving.
Teenage drunk drivers also face some serious legal consequences that will harm them into their adult lives. The solutions to this problem encompass education, awareness, preventing access to alcohol, and most of all prevention.

The Scourge of Teens and Drunk Driving
Executive summary about teenage drunk driving by Morgan Hamilton
Being a teenager can be fun and exciting. Drinking alcohol and driving are among the new activities that teenagers begin to explore. Unfortunately, these elements often combine into a dangerous blend of poor judgement and drunk driving.
Doing prohibited and potentially dangerous activities like driving and drinking are exciting to them. Are you aware of the statistics on teens and drunk driving? I wanted to be considered a cool guy and cool guys during my time drank a beer and drove fast cars. If you are concerned about teens and drunk driving because you have teenagers of your own, you can get valuable information from the World-Wide-Web. Protect your children’s future by knowing about the possible dangers of teens and drunk driving.
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