Friday, January 29, 2010

Divorce Mediator

Divorce Mediator
Executive summary about divorce mediator by Joseph Devine
Divorce Mediator. Settling a divorce by mediation is ideal if possible. Mediation is most cost effective way to divorce. More control is given to the parties in mediation. Mediation is based upon agreements. In contrast, the court system uses an adversarial process which can be very destructive.

Divorce paperwork is often complex and the laws involved may be difficult to interpret depending upon an individual case. Mediation is healthiest process for the children. A court battle only results in expenses and hurt. Going to court is still an option if the mediation does not satisfy. Since mediation is kept confidential, the case will get a clean start once in court.
At the end of the mediation, it is recommended that attorney be consulted for legal advice before signing the Martial Settlement Agreement.

Life Coach – Divorce Mediator
Executive summary about divorce mediator by Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD
Children are impacted by their own grief and by their parents’ grief, especially when parents struggle to make informed decisions regarding their children due to theirs and their children’s grief—thus everyone experiences a double dose.
As a relationship coach—or in this case a relationship dissolution coach, I help couples understand and manage their sadness, anger and grief so as to lessen its effects on informed decision-making. This acknowledgement diminishes the intense feelings and enhances their informed decision making.
For those who are recurrently angry, sad and/or seeking retaliation, I continually empathically acknowledge and normalize their grief, anger, sadness or desire to seek retaliation. No matter their stage of grief most divorcing people are likely to progress toward acceptance when their grief, sadness, anger and retaliation feelings are recognized and acknowledged.
As parents move past the early and frequently volatile stages of grief, anger and sadness, and make decisions in the best interest of their children, then the children progress more readily through their grief, sadness and anger.
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