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Succeeding As a Singleparent
Executive summary about singleparent by Bryan Appleton
Singleparent. Society has tended to placed a heavy burden on singleparents. We are taught that being a singleparent equates to poverty and desperation. There are many singleparents who do live in poverty. Do you feel like being a singleparent means that you are not as capable of achieving success as one who is married?
single mom
Change your own associations and feelings with being a singleparent. Listen to yourself. Many singleparents are single because they have left relationships that were either abusive or unfulfilling. We breathe air, we love our children, we contribute to the world. If you want to increase your level of success, increase your awareness to the opportunities that surround you.
Singleparents do not have to automatically live in poverty or live a lower quality of life.
SIX Common Singleparent Struggles
Executive summary about singleparent by Karen Fusco
If there's a single group of people who are underappreciated more than any other group of people, it has to be singleparents. While everyone knows being a parent is hard, being a singleparent tends to be even harder.
1. If you're having a hard time making your monthly housing payment, try downsizing to a smaller home, or if that's not possible, refinance over a longer period of time (or at a lower interest rate, if possible).
Clip coupons and shop the sales at your local grocery store, get an all-in-one phone, cable and high-speed Internet plan and try shopping Goodwill stores for your household needs.

2.  Finding Competent Childcare. Many singleparents are at the mercy of the childcare opportunities available in their area. Call the different childcare centers in your area and compare charges and services offered.
3.  Gender Issues. A mom who is a singleparent may have a hard time teaching her sons about the things a dad would normally cover and a single father may have a hard time discussing female issues with his daughters.
4.  When there's only one parent in the household, all of the family responsibilities lay on that person's shoulders. Cleaning the house, cooking meals, keeping up the yard, paying the bills, keeping an eye on the kids and all of the other parental responsibilities are the sole responsibility of that parent.
5.  Many singleparents find themselves feeling isolated at one point or another. They don't really relate to singles without children because singleparents have an entirely different set of priorities and responsibilities.
6.  Introducing Your Child to Those You are Dating. Having an array of boyfriends or girlfriends running in and out of your child's life isn't good for anyone. At that time you can plan outings together and involve the child in the relationship on a deeper level. You can be that person for your child.
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Michelle said...

This is a very good post. All that you said are true.

Parenting Blog said...

Hi Michelle, thanks for comming. Being a single parent is a very difficult job for our children, where we are required to become a mother and father as well.

Parenting Blog said...
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