Monday, November 22, 2010

Temper Tantrum Toolkit

In the past few weeks, I’ve given you a few tips to handle temper tantrums. Just in time for the Thanksgiving break (do I anticipate possible meltdowns with a week off of school? No...not my children...), here’s a recap along with one extra!

1. Be Proactive
  • Know the warning signs of a tantrum for your child/children. It may be fussiness, a whiny voice, or a number of other tell tale signs.
  • If you see said warning signs, keep it simple and redirect. Using simple language and redirecting your child to something else entirely may be all that is needed to avoid a meltdown.

  • Easier said than done, I know, but you getting angry also, will only escalate the situation.

3. If you can, wait it out
  • Sometimes children need to work emotions out on their own. This helps them learn to regulate.
  • Especially if the tantrum is in a private place (like home), give the choice of letting the child ‘work this one out on her own.’ Of course, be there for support and guidance, but it’s okay to let her feel upset and experience her emotions.


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