Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Parenting Quick Challenge: Stay Sane for the Holidays (Part 1)

Okay, dear readers, as we embark on the Thanksgiving holiday I know that many of you will be celebrating with family and extended family over the next few days. And family + extended family + cramped living quarters + lots of food + lots of kids = lots of STRESS LOVE, right???

So as you go into this first of two back-to-back holidays (up next: Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa), I realize that you're thinking: 'You know what I need? I need one more challenge.'

I'm on it.

Here's the challenge: When you're about to lose it on an in-law, when you're about to throw out the burnt dressing and buy the whole darn dinner from Kroger, when you're about to pack up the kids and just go home and turn on Dora because at least you will have 30 minutes of peace...just look at your kiddos for a minute. Just for a minute. Maybe they're playing- and it's probably the cutest thing you've ever seen. Maybe they're zonked out on the sofa from a mashed potato, cherry pie induced coma- and it's the most peaceful sight of the day. And just remember: you do it for them.

P.S. To my Canadian, UK, German, and Indian (and anyone I forgot) readers, thanks for sticking with me through the past few American Thanksgiving posts. And to everyone, I'll be back on Monday, November 29- well fed and well rested!


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