Monday, March 14, 2011

Cheap Fun: Springtime

Here in Texas, it's Spring Break!! Which means kids at home. Which means bored kids at home. Which means crazy mom (or dad) with bored kids at home. Sigh. Here are some cheap, creative ways to entertain your kiddos during their week off!

1. Explore your bathroom - there are plenty of items in your bathroom that can be used for art projects! Q-tips, cotton balls, toilet paper squares, toilet paper rolls, and old toothbrushes are the ingredients for great works of art. Use q-tips and old toothbrushes to create unique texturized paintbrushes. Glue cotton balls and q-tips to paper to create people/figures, toilet paper rolls can become great kazoos with wax paper and a rubber band- the possibilities are endless!

2. Get out the 'old' toys - You know the toys you've put away in closets, the garage, the attic? Get them out this week. They'll feel like new again to your kids (and you)!

3. Get a library card - If you aren't already a frequent library visitor, there's no better time to become one. Bonus: It's FREE! You can check out books, DVDs, and CDs. Many local libraries also offer story times and other programs for children.

4. Go on a backyard safari - Make paper plate masks of your favorite animals and take them outdoors for a jungle safari!

5. Volunteer - Look up local volunteer opportunities that your child/children might be interested in- whether it's with animals, other children, or spending time with senior citizens. This will pass the time and help others :)


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