Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Parent of the Week: Domestic Goddess Mommy

I am so happy to introduce to you Domestic Goddess Mommy. Doesn’t that just sound fancy with a side of glorious?! I love it. It’s far more than I could ever aspire to. And, let me tell you, she is all of that and MORE. Read on as DG Mommy describes how she goes above and beyond just being ‘mommy’- she’s a teacher and a mentor to her children. Then go visit her blog!

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Tell me a little about you- Who are you? What do you do?
Hobbies? Do you dance in the car?
I am a woman, wife and mother; the order of those three terms depends on the moment. I write children's stories and songs. I'm not famous yet, but hope to be someday! I am an avid reader, bread baker and homemaker. I do dance in the car and anywhere else I get the chance!

Tell me a little about your children.
With my husband of ten years, I have three beautiful children. Two girls, ages 5 and 4 and my 14-month-old charmer of a son.  

What surprised you most about parenting?
Me. The changes I've seen in myself have surprised me the most. The level of patience required to be a good parent is beyond anything I could have ever imagined and I'm quite surprised that I don't always achieve it! I was formerly a very patient person.
What one tip would you give other parents or parents-to-be?
One important tip is to remember your job and your goal as a parent and not the moment. That means that because I want my children to be strong, independent adults, I need to encourage the behavior they present that demonstrates those characteristics and not beat it down because it is inconvenient when we're trying to get out the door. 
Another would be that as prospective parents dream of all things 'baby' they should also take a few moments to consider their lives with their child not only when the child is a baby, but also when he or she is 2 and 5 and 10 and 13 and so on!!! Babies don't stay babies!!! 
How have you had to be Avant Garde as a parent? 
Parents are in a unique position today because parenting is so subjective and personal now. We're free to make different choices than our parents made. With each child I've become more innovative, learning how to be a better parent as my children grow. One specific parental innovation I've made is to teach my children to think of books like any other toy. With all the focus on reading these days, I think that's one thing that is being missed. We read like crazy in my house, but we also play with books, keep books on the toy shelf next to dolls and dinosaurs and in every room in the house. Yes, even the bathroom!! Love those tub books! Because of this, my children have a love for reading that extends from the written word to what it is written in: the book. Technology will never replace the love we share for books.

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