Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cheap Fun: Get Crafty

Crafts. They're often done at preschool, but have you ever considered how many of the materials you have around the house that have the potential for awesome, creative crafts for your kiddos?! Here are just a few ideas:

1. Make a Shoebox diorama – grab a shoebox, turn it sideways and go to town! You could make a diorama of the solar system with yarn and paper or your very own zoo with play doh!

2. What can you build out of the things in your bathroom cabinet: q-tips, cotton balls, and toilet paper rolls? Probably some rockin’ dolls with crazy hair. Maybe they have ouchies. Add a band-aid or two for effect.

3. Do your kids love stickers? Probably, but they can get kind of expensive, especially if you go for the fancy schmancy kind. Do you have old garage sale stickers lying around? You know, the colored dot ones? If so, use pens and pencils to draw letters and numbers on them!

4. Let your child snap some photos with your digital camera (or film camera if you have one!). Your child will have a ball and you will love seeing the world captured from the perspective of your little one. Print out your kiddo’s favorites and make a collage or photo album.

What are your favorite crafts to make with your kids?


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