Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Parenting Quick Challenge: Date Night

Children make our lives complete. They are our everything. Our children are our hearts and souls, and it's difficult to remember what life was like before them. But for just a second I want you to try. I bet you had more date nights before you had kids, didn't you? 

Since young children rely on us to meet so many of their needs, it's easy to let the relationship with your partner fall to the wayside while we fill sippy cups, cut waffles, and give baths. Don't. That love is what created your family in the first place and it deserves to be nurtured just as you nurture your children.

Here's my challenge to you. Make a plan for a date night. Weekly, bi-weekly, whatever. There are a million excuses not to, but I promise you and your partner will feel reconnected and reenergized.

And just in case those excuses do start creeping into your mind:

  • Low on money? Hire a babysitter for two hours (fairly cheap) and do something free, like walk in a park, take a drive, or look at the stars
  • Really low on money? Do a babysitter exchange with a friend (you watch all the kids one night, then switch on another night), then do something free
  • Exhausted after a long week? Do something relaxing. Drop the kids off at grandma's and have a movie marathon with the hubs or go see a funny movie
  • I don't have a spouse/significant other. Plan a girls' night/guys' night. You deserve it. You need it.
  • We just don't have time! Make time. That's part of it. No easy fix for this one :)
How do you and your partner keep the love alive?


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