Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Parenting Quick Challenge: Belly Laugh

It's the greatest feeling, isn't it? That kind of laugh that comes from the depths of your gut, where you just can't stop, and your cheeks are hurting and your eyes are squinting so hard you can barely see. It's refreshing.

You can't make yourself belly laugh- that's the thing. But my challenge to you today is to be open to the opportunity for a belly laugh. I know it sounds silly, but sometimes our lives get so frazzled and busy that even if the opportunity for a belly laugh came up we'd be too busy to notice. So slow down for a second and let yourself be open to the possibility.

Oh, and did you know that belly laughs are contagious? Chances are that your child belly laughs quite a bit more often than you. Pay attention and I bet you'll see. Let it infect you. It's a wonderful sickness. :)

What made you belly laugh last??


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