Thursday, December 30, 2010

Parenting Quick Challenge: New Year's Resolutions

Are you sick of the same New Year’s resolutions year after year? Lose weight get organized, start exercising. Why not try something different this year- a parenting resolution!

Maybe you want to spend more time with your kids. Resolve to spend an extra 30 minutes per evening (after work or after dinner) reading a book or working on a puzzle with them. Think about it. Thirty minutes each weekday adds up to 2 ½ hours a week. That’s roughly 10 hours each month of extra time your kids get with you!

Or maybe you want to be more patient with your kids. It’s easy to get frustrated with little ones, whose brains don’t work quite as fast as we sometimes wish they did. Young children need lots of reminders and are still learning to live in the world adults have created. Resolve to make yourself take a deep breath before you snap at them, say something that may come off as a put down, or let your frustration come out in what you say or do.

Maybe you haven’t had enough ‘me’ time and it’s affecting your parenting. Resolve to have a babysitter once a week or once a month and make time for yourself. After all, you have to take care of you in order to take care of your children. (The same goes for your relationship!)

What’s your parenting New Year’s Resolution for 2011? Comment and share!


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