Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kid friendly food: French bread calzones

I got this recipe from my bestie, who is a fabulous amazing cook and baker (she makes Food Network caliber cakes and pastries. Food Network, if you're reading this, seriously, she's talented, pretty, AND funny- totally tv material). 

Anywho, I have to admit, this recipe isn't the healthiest, but it IS good for the soul. I do, however, try to make it healthier by using lowfat mozzarella and turkey pepperoni. It's delish and it's my husby's favorite meal I cook. Which might tell you something about my cooking. We're still newlyweds. I'm working on it.

Here's what you need: One can of Pillsbury french bread (I like Italian but it's hard to find), mozzarella cheese, pepperoni (or whatever toppings you want), a little butter, Italian seasoning, and garlic bread sprinkle (or garlic powder). You'll also need pizza or marinara sauce for dipping.

What I LOVE about these ingredients is that two of them (the spices) are things I always have on hand, three of them are things I used in recipes earlier in the week (pizza sauce, pepperoni, and mozzarella - homemade pizza on Monday, Spaghetti and meatballs on Tuesday - and we're not even Italian!), and ONLY ONE of them is specific to this recipe (the French bread - and I had a coupon).

Okay. Now, roll out the bread on wax paper. Cut it into halves and spread a little bit of butter in the center. Sprinkle on Italian seasoning and garlic bread sprinkle. Let your kiddos top with cheese, pepperoni, whatever other toppings you have, and more cheese.

Now fold them on up (long sides in first, ends last) and slap 'em on a baking sheet. Bake at 450 for 10 minutes (9 if you're using my manic oven on speed). Put some sauce in a bowl, let those suckers cool off, and Mangia!
Note: This makes two adult-sized calzones. If you have more than a few kiddos or are including the adults in this, as well, buy more bread. There's usually a coupon for purchasing two or more cans :)

What are your favorite kid friendly recipes? Do you have one I can feature?


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