Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Parent of the Week: Kristan

This week's Avant Garde Parent of the Week is Kristan. She's a fellow Texan who has a precious little cowboy! Read on as she describes her transition from the work world to the mommy world...

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Hi, my name is Kristan and I have been married to my wonderful husband Michael for 5 years.  I am a full time mom; wow it has taken me a long time to say that!  I never desired to be; I always wanted and pictured myself in the "working world".  I was laid off from my job when Austin was just 4 months old, and I had a hard time finding the time to look for a job with the little guy.  Then I lost the desire to go back to "work" (although some days it would be far easier!).  So, here I am, in love with my little guy and a full time mom!  My hobbies are cooking, walking at the park, church, enjoying family time, and reading (when I have time). :)

Austin is now 15 months old and has been very busy ever since he was mobile!  We stay very busy with Kindermusik, play dates, church, and story time.  All of these are fun, but I would have to say playing at the park has been Austin's new favorite thing.  We go to the park almost daily, swings and slides are fun, but dirt and sticks are fascinating to my little guy!  It is so much fun to see his little mind observe and take it all in!  Music has also been a huge part of Austin's life every since he was born.  I started playing music for him when I put him down to nap so I didn't have to tip toe around the house while he was sleeping.  Now, it is a huge comfort for him but it has become educational as well with his age.  Kindermusik has helped him grow and learn a steady beat, we also sing about are hands and toes!  It is so amazing to see how much he can absorb at such a young age!

I think what surprised me most about parenting is there isn't always an answer!  I finally accepted after many moments of defeat to relax and enjoy the ride.  I didn't come into parenting with a plan, but everyone said you will figure it out.  Well I feel that it took me a while, but here I am flaws and all doing the best I can!  

Each week I try to have a new experience with Austin.  A few weeks ago we were iced in, all the schools and roads were closed.  I put all of Austin's balls in my bathtub and made a big ball pit.  Another week we went to a different park and I let him walk in the sand bare foot, he didn't like the texture of sand in his toes, but it was so funny to see his little face!  Moments like those will be in my mind forever, experiences and adventures are the best and I look forward to many more with him!

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