Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Parent of the Week: Adri

Today we honor Adri. Adri is A-mazing. She's just full of joy and it comes across in her words and photos. She's also a singer- she wrote a lullaby for her baby girl and gave me permission to print the lyrics!! (They're at the bottom of her post). Okay- enjoy!

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Tell me about your children.
I have two step-sons, Sephiroth (11) and Sebastian (10). Then, there is Serena, better known as "Critter". Critter is 11 months old and walking, practically running. The boys dote on their sister and she lights up when they come into the room. Seph is good with electronics, engineering, robotics. He's a wiz kid as long as he's doing a project that he thought of and not an assignment the teacher gave him. Sebastian is great with writing, video gaming, and make believe. He has such an imagination and writes incredible stories. Serena has been a constant blessing in an often stressful world. She loves to sing, dance, and beat out a rhythm. But, it is the three of them together along with their dad that bring deep joy to my life.

How did you meet your husband? Robert and I were good friends in the youth group at our church. I met him when I was 13 and he was 15. When he turned 18 we went our separate ways. It was in 2003, I was 23 and he was 25, that he came back to that same church and I was there...again. We started dating almost immediately and in 2007 we were married. It hasn't always been an easy road, but with God's help, everything that we have gone through has made our marriage stronger and everyday I love him a little bit more.

I would also like to take a minute to point out that my husband is a stay-at-home dad. He is incredible with Serena. From the moment she was born, he had stars in his eyes. For the first few weeks he was the only one that could calm her down when she got upset, which was rare because she is happy 95% of the time! Most mornings, Robert brings her to me (in bed) and I get to snuggle with her and then feed her and put her back to bed for her morning nap before I have to get ready for work. He knows how important that time is to me. Then, while I’m away, he sings the ABCs with her everyday, reads books with her, gets down on his knees and plays with her in her nursery, keeps her out in the yard while he gardens or straps her on his back when he cleans up around the house, and then spends time with both of us every evening when I get home. He has been with her everyday for the past 11 months and I do believe our family routine has contributed to Serena’s early development.

Tell me a little about you.
I love my family. Not just my kids and my husband, but my extended family as well. I was raised to have a strong sense of connection with my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. I try very hard to instill that connection in my kids because it has always been nice to know, through high school and college, work and marriage, and now parenting, that I am never alone.

I also love to sing and write songs. I love Christian rock and country music. Really, I love anything I can sing along with. I wrote a song for Serena before she was born and I sang her that lullaby everyday when she was a part of me. Then after she was born, I wrote her another song. I could probably write a few albums for her, but I think that might just embarrass her too much.

I love to cook and bake. I love my job, working for the local school district. I love praising God and trying to set a good example for my kids. I tear up every time I hear a patriotic song that reminds me of the sacrifices being made on my behalf so that my family can have freedom. And…I over use the exclamation point!!!

What surprised you most about parenting?
How amazing it feels. Even as a step-mom, before Serena came along, I cherished my time with the boys. I love all three of my kids with such intensity, but I’m not a helicopter mom, I promise. I’m actually really tough on them, but I don’t think they have ever questioned whether or not I love them.

What one tip would you give other parents or parents-to-be?
Something I learned from Love & Logic, the number one rule for parents is to take care of yourself. If your child is driving you cookoo, take a time-out and know that it’s totally ok. What your kid just learned is that mommy or daddy cares enough about themselves to take a break and not lose control. Kids learn from what we DO.

This is a lullaby for my baby, you were made just for me and your daddy
God created you to be perfect, it's true, and we love you...just the way you are
Not a day goes by, we're not thankful, for the gift of you, our little baby girl
God created you to be perfect, it's true, and we love you...just the way you are
Just the way you are, is how you always should be, because you're perfect to daddy and me
Yes you're perfect for our family.


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